About Punch-A-Day

It’s pretty simple really; this blog is simply an excerpt from a historic edition of punch, updated every day. I wrote about how I came across these anthologies in my first post, here. I have taken pretty much no effort to publicise this blog, it being a bit of a private hobby for me, so if you have managed to stumble upon this blog: congratulations, and I hope you enjoy it.

As I understand it, copyright laws dictate that as long as the material is over 75 old since it was published, then it can be reproduced. So, obviously, everything will be from editions before 1936.

I haven’t (yet) had lawyers from the (now-defunct) Punch magazine, so I’m assuming that this is all OK. But, if you know otherwise, then please do contact me before I have to make a speedy exit.

I will take the opportunity now to apologise profusely in advance for forgetting a day or two. Please forgive my extreme forgetfulness an disorganization, and rest assured, if I have missed a day or two, I haven’t died or given up, and I will be back. With another apology.

As for the obligatory housekeeping; I can’t imagine why anyone would, but if anybody does comment with anything in severely bad taste (or just severely annoying) then it will of course be removed. Otherwise, I’m not likely to moderate very strongly.

I hope you enjoy the blog!