Like a Whale

by Instant Noodle


The first of all the royal infant males

Should take the title of the Prince of Wales;

Because ’tis clear to seaman and to lubber,

Babies and whales are both inclined to blubber.

The Prince of Wales incumbent here is Bertie, the eldest son of Queen Victoria. Currently he is inside his mother’s womb, but he will be born in November.

This coincides with the beaching of an enormous whale off the coast of Wick.


We perceived by a paragraph copied from the “John o’Groats Journal,” that an immense Whale, upwards of seventy-six feet in length, was captured a few days since at Wick. Sir Peter Laurie and Alderman Humphrey on reading this announcement naturally concluded that the Wick referred to was our gracious Queen Wic, and rushed off to Buckingham-palace to pay their united tribute of loyalty to the long-expected Prince of Wales.

(October 23rd, 1841)