Here, take some cyanide

by Instant Noodle



Lady Mother (loquitur). “I shall feel obliged to you, Mr. Squills, if you would remove these stains from my daughter’s face. I cannot persuade her to be sufficiently careful with her Photographic Chemicals, and she has had a misfortune with her Nitrate of Silver. Unless you can do something for her, she will not be fit to be seen at Lady Mayfair’s to-night.”

[Mr. Squills administers relief to the fair sufferer, in the shape of Cyanide of Potassium.]

It was recently suggested (when I uploaded this) that Alan Turing may have in fact accidentally poisoned himself. Potassium cyanide was commonly used for many purposes, and the lethal dose is so low that accidental poisoning would have been easy.