Qualifications for an MP

by Instant Noodle


We give the following list of qualifications for a member of parliament for Westminster, as a logical curiosity, extracted from a handbill very liberally distributed by Captain Rons’s party, during the late contest:—

1st. Because “he is brother to the Earl of Stradbroke.”

2nd. Because “his family have always been hearty Conservatives.”

3rd. Because “they have been established in Suffolk from the time of the Heptarchy.”

4th. Because “he entered the navy in 1808.”

5th. Because “he brought home Lord Aylmer in the Pique, in 1835.”

6th. Because “he ran the Pique aground in the Straits of Belleisle.”

7th. Because “after beating there for eleven hours, he got her off again.”

8th. Because “he brought her into Portsmouth without a rudder or forefoot, lower-masts all sprung, and leaking at the rate of two feet per hour!” ergo, he is the fittest man for the representative of Westminster.—Q.E.D.

(July 1841)