Long Live November 5th!

by Instant Noodle

Every so often, somebody suggests that November 5th is becoming obsolete. This, I am glad to report, is not a recent trend.

H. C. writes to The Times to suggest that in future November llth, the day on which the armistice began, shall be an additional Bank Holiday, to be called Thanksgiving Day. Mr. Punch thinks this a very gocd idea; but he goes farther and proposes that the llth shall not only be celebrated as a national holiday, but shall absorb (without any ecclesiastical bearing) its neighbour, the 5th- now rapidly becoming obsolete and that fireworks shall be associated with it and, if need be, guys.

Remember, remember
The eleventh of November !

Let that be the new refrain. No prize is offered for the best suggestion as to whose efligy should be burned.

(November 20th, 1918)