Politics is boring, let’s face it

by Instant Noodle


The Times newspaper (a publication of merit, and which may possibly be known to some of our readers) has just put forth an excellent article deprecating the terribly long sittings of the House of Commons, and the love of chattering, on the part of the Members—especially the new ones—which chiefly conduces to those protracted and unwholesome séances. But the Times ought to be perfectly well aware that the remedy is in its own hands. These objectionable spouters spout, not to one another (for they ridicule one another’s oratory), but to the readers out of doors. If they could not reach these readers they would cease to spout. Ergo, if the Times would instruct its reporters to report only what is worth reporting, and, in fact, to deal with all debates as they now deal with those in Committee, when only the pith of the speeches is given, and moreover the pith of the pithy men only, the sittings of Parliament would speedily evince a marvellous change for the better. There! Mr. Punch, in his keen, practical way, has solved the difficulty at once.

(October 1856)