Homeopathy Quiz: 19th Century or 21st Century?

by Instant Noodle

So, we now have a homeopath for a health secretary.

Bad news, of course.

But Mr. Hunt simply joins a long list of legislators that advocate homeopathy. In fact, this stretches right back to the inception of homeopathy itself in the 18th century; it has always been popular among the elite.

He also joins a long list of politicians that have been ridiculed for their homeopathic beliefs – a list that is just as long.

Indeed, this is such an old problem that the same arguments are brought up again and again; across more than two centuries.

So because of this, I’ve put in a little quiz. Can you tell which of these quotes are from the 1860s and which are from the 2010s? 10 of them are from the 1860s, and 10 of them are from the 2010s. Select the 10 that you think are from the 1860s. I will post the answers soonish.

Some of the quotes have been edited to remove references to specific events or people, and I’ve also slightly modified – only slightly – the 19th century prose to make it just that little bit more difficult.

I will reveal the answers soon!