Your Handy Guide to Clerical Beards #3. The Tufty

by Instant Noodle

Tufty comes next, a most appropriate ornament for jocose preacners of the SPURGEON class. It simply consists of an oval unshaven spot on the very point of the chin. Neither whiskers nor moustache consort with Tufty, he must be the sole centre of attraction. The advantages of this arrangement are many. Be thee preacher never so dull, Tufty keeps up a bye-play of his own, he wags up and down and right and left, with every movement of the chin or draught in the Church. The juvenile members of a congregation are always much edifiedby Tufty. They watch him with intense interest, and as he sways to and fro “like that white courser’s tail, the Giant Steed to be bestrode by Death,” they gaze on the fountain of orthodoxy with supreme delight. Tufty gives great point by his waggery to every joke, and he certainly must be esteemed a most facetious arrangement of the pilose adornment.

(5 March 1864)