Some alternative Olympic games

by Instant Noodle

The London Olympics begin today. But why restrict your sport to a couple of weeks in the summer when there are so many…


1. How to tell a number.- Get a number, any number, and tell them. Very simple.
2. How to discover what somebody else has Chosen.-Ask anyone to choose a number. Add 11,807 to it. Treble it. Take 2,220,78,910 from it. Request him to tell you the number he thought of in a whisper. If he won’t, don’t play any more.
8 This is also a pretty game. Tie a ribbon to the poker, and pretend to be QUEEN ELIZABETH. This keeps up a knowledge of history. Then go on pretending to be any one else, until everyone ‘s tired of you.
4. Blind Hookey. Fasten a handkerchief round anyone’s eyes. Then let everyone take fishing-rods, and try to hook him. If he guesses who has booked him, he ‘s out. This may go on for hours.

(Preface to the 1867 Almanack)