Save the Lake District!

by Instant Noodle

This cartoon commemorates the fact that the Bills for Railway and Mineral development works in the Lake districts of Ennerdale, Borrowdale, and Derwentwater were rejected on the ground that ” serious injury would have been done to the beauty of the scenery” in these localities.

And we are very glad for it. This rather joyous occasion also produced some poetry,

No Perseus for Andromeda, in ages past or hence,
Shall prove a braver champion than than Knight of Commons Sense,
AV ho, Duckling on his armour, threw down the glove to fight
For valleys that are Sweetness, and lakeland that is Light ! A hideous, snorting monster, with a shriek of steam for breath.
Threatened all the silent mountains and the dreamy dales with death.
Far across the flowered vallevs you could hear the tearful wail
Of the Fawns of Derwentwater, and the Nymphs of Borrowdale,
Crying, “Save us from the tyrant who his iron sceptre shakes!”
So the knight of the Commons Senses saved the Ladies of the Lakes!

Up, Tourists ! then, and scatter your knapsacks in the w :i y
Of the gallant Knight who conquered this monster in the tray ;
Up, Artists ! from your easels, and add your meed of praise
For the rescue of the lakes of blue, the haze of mountain greys.
A moment more and it were lost, for children yet unborn,
The golden, silent sunset, the lone and lovely morn.
Had tyranny succeeded, and flaunted signals red,
Then Cumberland w. n crying and Derwentwmter dead.
But the vallevs are rejoicing, and a shout the echoes wakes.
For the Knight of Commons Senses saved the Ladies of the Lakes !