The Irish ruin everything – especially wars

by Instant Noodle

16-08-1879 An Unsatisfactory Term

Disraeli was an imperialist, through and through. He initiated many conquests, and not to mention, made a tidy personal profit out of many of them. The expansion of the emprire would not come easily, however, with the British army suffering a horrific – not to mention, horrifically embarrassing – defeat against the Zulus. Though sustaining heavy losses, the Zulus massacred most of Britain’s army, numbering well over 1000 men. This would later be rectified of course.

As for Afganistan, you can’t help but feel immensely sorry for this country. It is always caught up in the messy affairs of others. This is true today as it was then. Today we are expelling terrorists, then we were expelling Russians. Disraeli was there because it was a rather handy buffer between Russia and India, India being the one part of the empire that really mattered to Britain. And like today, it would not come easy. We fought 3 wars in Afganistan.

Disraeli also had a rather tortured history with the Irish. His Jewish heritage here was a major hurdle as he tried to reform the church.

a a reptile…just fit now, after being twice discarded by the people, to become a Conservative. He possesses all the necessary requisites of perfidy, selfishness, depravity, want of principle, etc., which would qualify him for the change. His name shows that he is of Jewish origin. I do not use it as a term of reproach; there are many most respectable Jews. But there are, as in every other people, some of the lowest and most disgusting grade of moral turpitude; and of those I look upon Mr. Disraeli as the worst. He has just the qualities of the impenitent thief on the Cross, and I verily believe, if Mr. Disraeli’s family herald were to be examined and his genealogy traced, the same personage would be discovered to be the heir at law of the exalted individual to whom I allude. I forgive Mr. Disraeli now, and as the lineal descendant of the blasphemous robber, who ended his career besides the Founder of the Christian Faith, I leave the gentleman to the enjoyment of his infamous distinction and family honours