“Girls of the present day are getting confoundedly too proud, or else too lazy they won’t do a single thing”

by Instant Noodle

ALENTED SIR, I Could find plenty of employment for women, but I never can get any of them to do it. At the present moment there are no less than nineteen buttons off my shirts. It is the same with my collars not a string on them; the same with my gloves not a pair can I wear, they are all so disgracefully full of holes. I also would willingly have my hair curled every morning, but I cannot get any one of my sisters to get up sufficiently early to do it for me ! It is no better if I want to learn a particular song, not one of the girls will condescend to teach it me, though there are six pianos in the house, I am sure, if there is one.

“Believe me, Sir, it is all nonsense : there is plenty of employment, but the truth is, when it is offered to the women they won’t accept it. Why, I would undertake myself to keep two or three constantly employed all day with the few things (making flies, punching out wadding, and the like) that I want attending to. The fact is, the girls of the present day are getting confoundedly too proud, or else too lazy they won t do a single thing. Why it was only yesterday that I asked Miss LUCY to clean my pipe out for me, and the young puss actually refused me to my face !
“That is a fact, Sir, and you are at liberty to make the most of it.

“I remain, Sir, with the greatest indignation,

“P.S My sisters say that I am a selfish, surly, disobliging brother, and that is the reason they will do nothing to please me. Pretty nonsense ! Why they will do anything for TOM, and ALFRED, and GUS; and I am sure they behave no better to them than I do “

(19th November 1859)