A lady doctor? Pull the other one

by Instant Noodle

1867 Women Doctors

Clearly this cartoon was funny in 1867. The idea was clearly absurd.

But Punch doesn’t know what’s coming. In 1869, the Edinburgh Seven, a group of women lead by Sophia Jex-Blake, will be permitted to attend lectures at Edinburgh University, and they managed MDs from continental institutions around a decade later.

Naturally, Punch still finds the whole concept hilarious.

1870 Pretty Doctor

OUR PRETTY DOCTOR Dr. Arabella "Well, my good friends, what can I do for you!" Bill, "Well, Miss, it's all along o' me and my mates bein' out o' work, yer see, and wantin' to turn an honest penny hanyways we can; so 'avin' 'eard tell as you was a risin' young medical practitioner, we thought as p'raps you wouldn' t mind just a recommendin' of hus as nurses."