Some high tech cures for the flu

by Instant Noodle

The Medical Research Committee suggest that the influenza germ should be annihilated by sulphur-dioxide gas. It seems the best plan is to strap the germ down to a table and then squirt the stuff at him through a syringe.

A man charged at the Guildhall with being drunk said he was suffering from an attack of influenza and had taken some whisky. Yes, but where from? :- We understand that the heading, ” Whisky for Influenza,” which appeared in a daily paper the other day, misled a great number of sufferers, who at once wrote to say that they were prepared to make the exchange.

The present epidemic was discussed between Mr. NEWMAN and Sir JOHN BOYS who were not agreed as to whether port is a ” proventative ” or a “preventive” of influenza, but were unanimous in thinking that far too little of it was available.

Oranges are a prophylactic against influenza, says a medical writer. Upon seeing the germ in the road you throw it an orange, thus taking its mind off business, while you slip up another street.

(Assorted, from Winter 1918)