Did you know…

by Instant Noodle

The thirteenth is dedicated to the interesting SAINT LUCY. She was a Carthaginian by birth, and it is rather rather supposed that both AUGUSTINE and POLYCARP were driven into an ecclesiastical life by her rejection of their advances, and her jokes at their personal appearance. When the first sent her his opera, she replied, that she wanted none of his overtures; and in return for fish from the latter, she said, “As much carp as you like, but no POLYCARP. ” From her height, she was sometimes known as SAINT LUCY LONO; and thyme was laid at her shrine, and in a hymn she was implored to take it.

What a mean old Saint.

(By the way, I don’t suppose that Punch has uncovered something that no other source on the internet can verify, so take the humour at face value. Unless a good catholic can tell me otherwise, of course.)

(Preface to the 1856 Almanack)