160 years since the Crystal Palace Great Exhibition

by Instant Noodle

1855 Almanac - Great Exhibition

An anniversary that seems to have passed many by is that of the Crystal Palace Great Exhibition in 1851. It was an event that showcased the wonders of the modern age, and attracted most – if not all – of the luminaries of the time.

As a palaeontologist, I guess I have a bit of a vested interest in this particular event. But, regardless, it was a truly awe-inspiring event that captured the public’s imagination, and pioneered the way for public fairs.

These images, you may have noted, are from 1855. After the exhibition ended, the exhibits were relocated to Sydenham hill in a new building.

I particularly love these very dodgy reconstructions of things like Iguanodon, which today we know to be a rather more active and mostly bipedal dinosaur, rather than the dunderheaded gecko like things that they were thought to look like then.

(Preamble of the 1855 almanac)