About that Armistice, then

by Instant Noodle

The date for this cartoon? Believe it or not, it is September 27th, 1873, when the last German soldier left French soil. Punch decided to reprint it this month, clearly as an “I told you so”. But it has rather an eerie coincidence given the events that will occur 22 years after this cartoon is published.

Anyway, about that Armistice then. The Prime Minister has just returned from France.

Monday, November 11th – As the Prime Minister entered the House of Commons to announce the terms of the Armistice, Members in nearly every part of the House rose to acclaim him. Even “the ranks of Tuscany” on the Front Opposition Bench joined in the general cheering.

But not everyone is celebrating. And no prizes for guessing who the moody few are.

Only Mr. DILLON and his halfdozen supporters remained moody and silent. To them the great day came as an anti-climax, for Nationalist Ireland gave up fighting months ago.

20-11-1918 Dillon

About that treaty, then.

The rest of the House listened eagerly while Mr. LLOYD GEORGE recited the conditions to which the German
plenipotentiaries had put their unwilling hands at two o’clock that cold grey morning. He road so fast that Members had scarcely time to endorse with their applause one outstanding item in the bill of costs before another equally notable claimed their attention. Alsace Lorraine to be freed at once, without waiting for the Peace Congress ; the Watch on the Rhine to be kept in future by the Allies ; canons, machine-guns and locomotives to be surrendered by the thousand ; all U-boats fit for sea to be handed over, and the rest of the German Navy to be interned or disarmed ; all the gold stolen from Belgium, Russia and Roumania to be delivered in trust to the Allies these wore some of the thirty five points with which Marshal Foch and Admiral Weinyss have penetrated the German cuticle.

Peace has, in fact, not actually been rattified. However,

Well might Mr. ASQUJTH say that the terms made it clear that not only was the War at an end, but that it could not be resumed.