Austria Crumbles

by Instant Noodle

07-11-1918 Austria splits

Now is not the time to be a European Imperial-royal monarch. The crumbling Habsburg monarchy, the rulers of Austria for over 700 years, has already seen the formation of a National Assembly a week or so ago, a challenge to it’s power. In a week’s time the Emporer Charles will renounce his share of government and Austria will be declared a republic. But they don’t know that yet.

Everyone knows that Austria is going to look very different after the war, but noone knows what it will be. The Austrian working class is dangerously close to a revolution. Either a socialist (council) republic or of a bourgeois republic could emerge from development in the class struggle, and there are signs that it could be the former. A common slogan for these revolutionaries is “Let’s do it like in Russia.”

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The news that Austria is seeking peace with Italy rings a bit hollow in Punch’s ears.

To the Dual Monarchy (if any)

A telegram from Vienna recently stated that your Count Andrassy had resolved to initiate peace negotiations with “Austro-Hungary’s sole antagonist, Italy”. War plays dreadful tricks with the memory, and that must be the reason why he forgot all about Serbia. In the mental confusion caused by so many declarations of war, the fact that Austria opened the list by declaring war on Serbia seems to have escaped him. It has however not escaped the Serbians, who have an admirable memory for detail and are prepared to furnish you with all the reminders you need. Address G.H.Q., Serbian Armies, Belgrade. Remember Serbia? Just across the Danube.