So long, Sultan

by Instant Noodle

This cartoon is from the October 30th edition; a fine English tradition, I might note. This from the November 6th edition:

To the Sultan of Turkey

We have just hear of your absolute surrender. We do not affect to be very sorry for you, but at the same time we would not grudge you your consolations. Of these (1) the thought that you have let William down badly must be a source of considerable gratification to you; and (2) it will be much more comfortable for you when the guns of the Goeben, hitherto trained on your immediate neighbourhood, get shifted. You are very welcome to both these sources of solace.

In a speech in Parliament, the new Turkish Vizier has declared that Turkey “has sustained many shocks and now needed repose.”

“Weary of pulling up our socks,

Of keeping time to German clocks,

Of German bullies and their “bocks,”

Their insults and their blows

Weary of giving up our stocks

Of food to German fighting cocks,

Who treat us like punching blocks,

We Turkmen need repose

Thus, longing vainly for the ease

That once was hers on land and seas,

Broken and beaten to her knees

By her indignant foes,

Enwrapped in ever glowing gloom

Turkey awaits the coming doom

Woven by Fate’s remorseless loom

And prattles of repose!

On a lighter note

A Chinaman named Wrong Tu was recently fined five pounds for refusing to sail from Boston, Lincs. The magistrate was of the opinion that Wrong Tu had no Right Tu.