Poor Home Secretary

by Instant Noodle

A police strike seems pretty unthinkable in modern times. But it happened in 1918 and 1919, and it happened big. So much so that the government later passed an act banning police from forming or joining a union. Both strikes were pretty embarrassing for the home secretary of the time.

I love the last line here; this pretty much summarizes the role of the home secretary; namely to attract blame for other peoples blunders.

Mr. Ronald McNeill’s suggestion of a “close time for scapegoats” touched, I fancy, a sympathetic chord in the Home Secretary, who is getting a little tired of bearing the blame for other people’s blunders. The house was not surprised to hear that he tendered his resignation after the police strike, or that the Prime Minister refused to accept it. With so much electricity in the air this is no time to be dispensing with lightening conductors.

Elsewhere, the war is still dragging on.