Still at War…just

by Instant Noodle

I thought I’d kick off by looking at the edition from 93 years ago today (so that’s October 30, 1918).

Finish the War First!

Britain is still at war with Germany. But only just. Punch reveals Germany in disarray,

“Why not admit frankly that we have lost the War?” says Count Tisza. The Kaizer, we are informed, has decided to meet him halfway in the matter and admit that Austria-Hungary has lost it.

Later information goes to show that the Kaiser has tried to lose the war but that it is following him up again.

But, despite this, the war is still very much “on” as far as Germany is concerned – to some extent, anyway,

The latest German note states that “U” boat commanders have been ordered not to torpedo passenger boats. In order to assist in this merciful arrangement all passenger boats are requested to keep out of the way of approaching torpedoes.

Finally, Punch is still wary of being too optimistic,

A weekly paper offers a prize of five hundred pounds to the reader who predicts the date when the war will end. Isn’t this rather rash? We know an editor of a weekly paper who has predicted it several times.

I wonder which paper this might be…